Here we are...again

Maria Velez

I used to have a blog waaaaay back in the day via Blogger. It was first called I'm Beautiful Damn it and changed to I AM. It was my way of making use of the downtime at work. Contrary to the blog name, contents on that blog was nothing serious it even had an entry on what's worst than peeing and sneezing at the same time. Yep! straight up shenanigans. I'm not going to say that there won't be any shenanigans on this blog, I just have to make sure that it's more professional and adult-y.

First step is always the hardest - i don't know where to start so I decided to interview myself.

Why Lily and Eve?

About Us section is a good place to start. The reason why Lily and Eve was established is that growing up in America and surrounded by American things (uhhhhh) I realized that I was slowly losing my Filipino identity. Lily and Eve is a way for me to hold on to that heritage and showcase the rich culture of the Southern Philippines. For instance, the materials used to make our oversized clutch purse and chained purse are made from garment worn by the indigenous tribes in the Southern Philippines aka malong. Colorful beads are also part of the indigenous culture. 

Portraits of Manobo women from Bukidnon (where my mom's from) courtesy of



Where is your atelier?

Someone asked me that before and I had no idea what language he was speaking and had to quickly google on the dl. The Lily and Eve studio is right in my apartment. Yes folks, I no longer have a dining room. Full disclosure, I don't have garment construction training or designer training - it was actually intimidating at first. I thought that I had A LOT of nerve to come out with a line of purses with no background/education on the subject. My professional background is in Project/Process Management - womp womp - what a snoozer!

With no background on sewing, how did you get started?

I've always wanted to sew so I bought an old Kenmore sewing machine and taught myself. It was a challenge that I'm glad I didn't give up on. I just hate that I don't know how to follow a pattern. I always see cute clothes that I would love to tackle but for the life of me I can't figure it out!!! One day perhaps.

Anything else you want to share? 

I just want you to know that this blog will not have a theme whatsoever. Entries will range from any topic that comes to mind - eeeps! I should just name this the ambrosia blog.